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    Very useful software for squaring and dividing incomes according to the complex US tax regulations."
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    Punctual and effective service. Always up to date with the latest regulatory developments. Strongly recommended for all your IRS declaration requirements
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    The assistance you provide is impeccable and indispensable. As far as the software is concerned, I find the tool very useful, intuitive and easy to interact with
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    We have been using their services for several years now, and we have been able to verify their reliability, precision, correctness and experience. Their availability and cooperation has allowed us to carry out reports always correct and therefore without surveys

Why choose our QI Reporting solution?


QI reports are our core business. Our specialization stems from the Backoffice activity carried out for large banking institutions since 2002, the year of introduction of the QI Agreement. From our experience comes a complete service, able to meet the needs of QIs.


Quickly and safely you will be able to:

  • Reconciling different types of income and taxation with custodians
  • Instantly check and produce all 1042-s and 1042 forms
  • Send txt files to IRS
  • Ask and discuss specific issues
  • Reduce the time and risk of misreporting through an automated solution.

Most reporting issues are common to all or almost all QIs. However, each entity has different needs. For this reason, we have been supporting large banking groups and small QI entities for years with a modular and customised solution. What sets us apart is the quality and professionalism that we bring to our customers every day.

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What you can do with our tool

Quantitative checks.
Identifying the exact amount of income received and taxed as an QI is the main objective. BEST IRS allows you to:

  • Upload files, Excel, of both QIs and custodians;
  • Instantly identify differences;
  • Correct data with automatic functions (e.g. reclassification of income).

Qualitative checks.
The software identifies which modules to produce on the basis of income and recipients, allowing:

  • A preview of the modules;
  • The visualization of missing or inconsistent information;
  • The insertion and modification of the necessary data.

Reporting QI.
Creation of all forms automatically on the basis of reconciled data:

  • Creation, both of PDF and TXT, of forms 1042, 1042-s and 1099;
  • Automatic management of Original and Amendment forms;
  • Extraction of reports for other QI customers, sub-reconciliations or post-report checks.
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18 years of experience in QI Reporting

Company specialized in IT, banking and financial software development

Advantages of the outsourced solution:

Every year we assist a large number of financial institutions of different types and sizes in their tax returns. Best Vision understands the typical problems of these reports and offers a pragmatic and comprehensive solution. The user is guided through the entire reporting process, reducing operating time and the risk of misreporting.

The specialist experience gained over all these years is at your disposal to allow you the best possible reporting every year.

Complete offer:


The deadline for filling in 1042-S forms expires on April 15th.

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